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Susan Michaels 3Susan Michaels has been gifting the world with easy and doable health advice to moms, teens and different women in Utah. She is often identified as unique, as she offers entertaining and attainable solutions to a healthier lifestyle.


Having a healthy body is the #1 prerequisite for a healthy life, and a lifestyle blog would not be complete without healthy recipes and treats for you, or your family. Get recipes on the healthy diet trends and the easier alternative. You can also get some microwave food that is as healthy as it is fast.

These are directed towards people with different types of lifestyle, age, and preferences. Aside from recipes, another important aspect to feeling great is to get enough exercise, whether it’s exercise routines in your gym, in your kitchen, or in your dorm room. Susan shows how easy it is to break a sweat a few minutes each day, and already improve how you live ten folds.vitamins-supplements


In today’s limited time and resources, expecting everyone to be able to eat healthy meals every day is pure denial of facts. Susan realizes this, and refuses to go with the trend of this denial. Realizing the need for supplements is necessary in order to ensure that we get the full nutritional needs of our bodies.

Mount Per Music will show you the different supplements that live up to their promises. Susan will give recommendations on what works, and what doesn’t.MAR_9311


There have been studies that prove music contributes to a happier and healthier life. Music can make us eat faster, run better, and inspire to go the extra mile. It can help people put themselves in a better mood. Susan has designed a lifestyle program that integrates music for a healthy life.

Aside from having something to listen to when you’re alone, music is also a great way of creating connections. Music can form a bond between family members, from listening to music, to creating music together.

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